Test your mentality based on your smile

your smile

Smile is a very common emotion in our daily life. However, our smile can not only show our emotions, but also others. Do you know that your smile can also show your mentality? Let’s take this test and find out how heavy is your mentality.


Begin the Test:

If you are a kindergarten teacher, there’s a student wants to go to the restroom during the class, and what he side was very funny “teacher, my butt wants to puke” imaging that, what will your smile like when you hear a joke like that?

A) Giggles

B) Shallow smile

C) Laughing out loud

D) Chuckle


Test Result:

Choose A:         You have strong mentality. You are a control freak, you pay attention to others all the time in order to reach your goal.


Choose B:         Your mentality is average. If someone bully you, you will just sulking. You want to face the reality, but very stubborn.


Choose C:         You are very innocent, and a very responsible person, and you adhere to your decision. You hate evil, don’t like mentality, and hate people who has mentality.


Choose D:         You don’t have much mentality. You are too kind, you often sacrifice yourself for others.


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